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18 January 1968

In response to the Transport Minister's White Paper entitled British Waterways: Recreation and Amenity, published in September 1967 which defined the use of waterways, a meeting was called by Royston Torrington, supported by the local Inland Waterways Association (IWA), to take place in the Methodist Church Hall, College Street, Long Eaton on the 18 January 1968. The purpose of the meeting was to form an Erewash Canal Action Committee to support and co-ordinate the activities of various bodies and individuals who were opposed to the then Transport Minister, Barbara Castle's proposed White Paper that defined the Erewash Canal as a remainder canal. 

The Transport Act (1968) made changes to the use of facilities controlled by the state-owned British Waterways. Reflecting the decline in the use of canals and rivers for freight distribution, waterways were divided into three categories;

1. Commercial waterways would be principally available for commercial use and the carriage of freight.
2. Cruising waterways, would be available for leisure cruising, fishing and other recreational purposes.
3. Remainder waterways, would be maintained to the minimum levels possible, consistent with requirements for public health, and the retention of amenity and safety.

An important provision for remainder waterways allowed them to be transferred to or maintained by local authorities.

The meeting was well supported and a full hall elected the following officers; Chairman - Royston Torrington, Secretary - Russell Godwin, and Treasurer - Jim Stevenson. The main aim of the newly formed Erewash Canal Action Committee was to have the Erewash Canal elevated to Cruiseway status.

Meeting invitation letter

8 February 1968

The Erewash Canal Action Committee met on 8 February 1968 at the Long Eaton Sea Scouts Centre and resolved to form the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association.

The elected committee were; Chairman - R.V.F. Torrington Esq, Secretary - R.J Godwin Esq, and Treasurer - J. Stevenson Esq.

Their stated aims were to contest the proposed closure of the Erewash Canal above Tamworth Road bridge, press for re-opening of the length from Gallows Hill to Langley Mill, and to encourage its use by trade and pleasure craft, anglers, and for general amenity purposes.

The meeting was closed.

Meeting invitation and agenda

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